North South Title

Halifax, Nova Scotia 1 comment

Platinum Solution Management and North South Title both contacted me about my timeshare sale.I dealt with Keilani Young with North South Title and Alex Revius with Platinum solutions management.

I filled all the paperwork with them and sent them $3000 for closing costs to an account in Mexico. They told me a company in Mexico was interested in my timeshare for their clients. They have busy signals for phone numbers and the toll free numbers are not assigned. They don't answer emails or contact me in any way.

Don't deal with North South Title or Platinum Solutions Management for anything.They are a huge scam.

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Remember the rule: wire money = scam. RUN, RUN

North south title

Chattanooga, Tennessee 0 comments

Like the other complaints here, we were contacted by Platinum Management Solutions.We filled out all the paper work, then were handed off to NorthSouth Title of Davenport, Iowa.

Emma Vichik was our rep. while we had our dobts about the legitamacy of this, Emma Vichik played her part well, and we also researched the Mexican bank. All seemed real. After we wired the bank some money, NorthSouth dropped of the map.

We are currently in contact with the Iowa Attorney Generals Office filing a complaint. I suggest all affected persons do likewise.

While there is no guarantee of getting our money back, criminal charges on of these scam artist would be nice.NEVER PAY FOR SRVICES IN ADVANCE!

North South Title

Tyler, Texas 0 comments

They had a date set for signing of our time share.They had us to wire money to Mexico to a bank and then we where to have a signing.We told them we woud drive up to Davenport Iowa and did.

The address is not a true address even went to the post office.

They said your right across the street from us,not true.From that point on no one will answer the phones or there busy.The company that is there partner is Platinum Management Solutions out of Denver,CO.Don't do business with these people.

North south title scam artists

Newburgh, New York 4 comments

north south title was supposed to help me close on a property and stole $3000 now wont answer phones or call back.They team up with a realty company called platinum managment.

When the closing day came they vanished. Emma Vichick was the title closer and eric sandoval was the real estate agent. They asked for closing costs up front. After i sent them the money there phones are always busy.

Got scamed by these two low lives.They'll get whats coming to them never deal with either one of these two companies they will rob you blind *** Bags.



I thought I knew better but was also taken in by these two scam companies.All of these comments were posted AFTER I checked similar sites for complaints against them.

They obviuosly know how to stay ahead of the curve.If you are ever contacted by them, HANG UP.


So did I.I wish I had reviewed this site prior to losing all of my money.

Mark Tonatore and Kaileni Young are definitely on my radar. I did my homework or at least I tried and still loss.

Very hurtful and expensive lesson; I knew better.I will probably do a complaint as well.


Exactly the same scenario for me. Same amount of money lost. I will file a complaint and try to put them out of business.


I had the same experience with Platinum Management and North South Title. It was an expensive bit of education.

Never send money up front.

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North South Title - Really Rude Service

Ciudad De Mexico, Capital District 0 comments
Not resolved

The woman who answers the phone at North South Title - when she answers it - has got to be the rudest woman on the face of the planet!She could care less whether your papers are ready, your questions are answered, your calls get returned.

They are an escrow and title company in Davenport Iowa and they have a good reputation.

But she is costing them business because let me tell you I will NOT be dealing with them again.I have better things to do with my time than to sit and listen to elevator music playing in my ear when something could be getting done.

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